Friday, February 12, 2016

A middle-aged man entered my clinic.. and he forever stayed in my heart

A middle-aged man entered my clinic, wheeled in a push chair. As usual I asked him how could I help him. He started talking but I found it very hard to understand. He sounded like a stroke patient.

I turned to the lady. His wife. "Ada masalah apa kak?"

The husband was sick. He had few diseases. But he has been having this speaking difficulty for few months. It progressed so fast. I flipped his file and saw a referral letter to Dr Athiq, my husband. Diseases put aside, they actually brought a form for me to fill up and sign. A simple medical report as a mean to get some charity money. I did my part and wished them well. She then asked me to assist in filling up the whole form. Tak pandai isi katanya. This is common in my part of the country.

When I got home I asked abang about this particular man. The good thing about working in Klinik Kesihatan and abang in Hospital Kuala Krai (especially when he was in Emergency Department) was that we felt like we take care of our community. That felt good :) We see the same set of patients- our community. Sometimes we share funny stories like one time when a man with nasal congestion came to me for meds, and the next day he went to Emergency Department to see abang asking for meds! Man his nose was really a nuisance to everybody! Back to this patient, abang remembered.

This happened 3 months ago.

A week ago, abang again asked me whether I still remember this man. How could I forget, a couple that really touched my hart. He just saw him in ED and said the man looked very different. He was very thin (we call it cachectic) and he has a big hole in his neck, discharging pus. He couldn't eat, he couldn't speak and he was very weak. I felt very sad, I kept thinking of the wife who stayed with him through thick and thin. Empathy. Something that I don't like but I was trained to do thus I do it effortlessly. I hate imagining myself in his shoes.

Today I found out that he was in the news. Pleading for donation. I get nothing by sharing this story. Empathy. That is something that I don't like but I was trained to do thus I do it effortlessly... Please pray for them if that is the least we can do

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