Saturday, August 13, 2016

Harga minyak beribu ribu ringgit???

Yesterday before going back to Kedah, abang helped me to settle few things. Yes I am in KL with my 2 heroes as abang has to go back to his 'housemanship' life haha *evil laugh*

So we went to get Argan Oil from a regular supplier. 100% pure cold pressed oil, imported from Morocco.

A beauty junkie would know the reputation of Argan oil in skincare hehe. It is like the queen of all beauty oils. So I bought 2 Litres of this and it costed me more than RM1000! Bukan seratus tapi seribu ringgit tau! Abang stared at me in great disbelief. Emmm... Takkan minyak 2 Liter harga lebih RM1000???

Yup. The truth and nothing but the truth :) Argan is so rich in vitamins and it is a very skin loving oil. The good thing is, it doesnt feel oily at all when you apply it on the skin. The good news is, this Argan is yours and I am selling a bottle at no more than RM100! If you are keen to try and treat your skin naturally, place your order at

will share the benefits of Argan later :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nominee of 7 skincare wonders of the world

Ahhh finally I can sit down and enjoy writing!

The technical part of business is really tiring. Nonetheless I have to spend few hours a day to smooth out tangles here and there. The product experimenting part is really interesting but unfortunately money has to come in to buy the supplies. Natural ingredients are not cheap T_T So I am thrown back to the point where I have to do something with the business and bring in money hahaha.

I woke up at 5 am today and unable to go back to bed. Reason being, I was so overwhelmed with face oil from the night before!

Do you realize (if you are a beauty junkie like me LOL) that Face oil is stealing the limelight in skin care industry... in Europe.. or at least among the high end users. We the lay people still use creams and lotions uhuu. It's a hard fact, but it's true.. They are actually throwing away lotions and creams down the drain! (I hope the drain doesn't clog!)

As always, I want Face Oil for the reputation that it holds! It kind of make me feel that my skin should glow like a Hollywood star just because I use face oil ahahaha. And if it doesn't, then something must be very wrong somewhere. My fingers are itching to touch the tiny bottles holding precious potions inside them. But guess what? The same problem again and again.. the price of Face Oils threaten to choke me out! Sometimes I just can't understand why does the price have to shoot up so high when they are just..... well..... oil.

Me being me, I started researching on how to create a very lavish oil blend at a much cheaper cost. Making your own cosmetic is very much the same as baking chocolate chip cookies. You can throw in as much chocolate chip as you want. And you can choose whether you want to put in cheap unbranded chocolate chip or expensive branded chocolate chip from Van Houten. But at the end of the day, you still get something that is much cheaper than Famous Amos with possibly a much tastier cookies! Emmm I hope you get but if you don't just forget about it.

The principles behind face oil.

Our face naturally has a layer of oil on it, called sebum. Over production of this layer causes oily skin while under production leads to dry skin. There are many reasons that affect this oil layer. For example certain cleanser can strip off this oil layer, and cause dry skin. Dry skin in turn will signal to the body to produce more oil, and the nett result would be---> oily skin! It's weird isn't it? When all these while we thought oily and dry skin are at 2 different ends of a spectrum! It's like they are 2 very different conditions, yet they are very similar.

Face Oil kind of regulates the oil layer on our face. It makes dry skin more moisturized when it act as a humectant. Humectant means it traps moisture and prevent out skin from drying. It also makes oily face become less oily because the face is moisturized! (I mentioned earlier than oily face is actually a result of dry skin). If you can't grasp the science behind it, enough to know that it regulates the natural oil layer on our face, making it to be just nice :) Not too dry and not too oily!

Another superb thing about Face Oil is.. it cleanses deep into the pores! This is purely science. Oil can go into our pores and blend with the dirt, and when we wash our face it comes out. It kinds of act like a vehicle that carries the dirt away. Again if you can't really understand, just admit it that some things are real head-scratchers ahahaha. Like how can Face Oil cures acne?

I made my own blend and it is really awesome!

If you want to have a go at it, click here

Monday, August 8, 2016

Delivering nature means bringing happiness into many homes!

Yesterday someone told me that he thought his face becomes softer, after 2 weeks of using the soap. I tried touching his skin. "Ermmmmm emmmmm..." Ahahaha. I am not sure of any improvement, I haven't seen him much these days (he is busy tagging in Surgery Department) but we will always be the first person to detect any changes, don't you think so?. There is no secret ingredient actually that makes the soap extremely skin-friendly, except that it is natural. Nature is the best healer!

Nowadays all around the world, sensitivity cases (especially skin sensitivity) are recorded at a much higher number than before. I wonder why? Perhaps because we are so intoxicated with irritant chemicals since birth, too much such that our skin scream for some fresh air to breathe! Just have a look at your baby's basket. Tell me what you don't have? All kind of lotions, creams, balms, cologne, fragrance, oil and much more!

I am a minimalist, when it comes to bath and body product. Just use what your skin need, and not more than that. Ironically, your skin will flourish and glow way better!

Speaking about nature, I managed to bring my 2 heroes to the playground this morning! Something that I haven't done in yearsssss!!!! Mary Jardin brings a different aura into my life. Something that reminds me to move at a slower pace, and enjoy nature more! Something that reminds me to live life to the fullest. Something that reminds me that the value of life is in giving to others instead of staying at the receiving end :)

I hope I can help more mothers to live the life of their dream. I hope I can bring more happiness into many homes by delivering nature at their doorstep. I hope I can help people find the solution to their skin problems. I hope everybody can enjoy life and nature as much as I do.


p/s how do you like Mary jardin Facial Soap's new packaging?

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tips berhenti kerja bahagian 2


Boss panggil masuk bilik. Tanya kenapa nak berhenti kerja. Tersenyum je dan 'offer' jawapan paling simple "Saya nak jadi suri rumah je"
Zup zapp terus kena ceramah.. banyak perkara yang bos bagitahu.. antaranya yang sempat terdengar

"Orang lelaki zaman sekarang bukan boleh percaya. Elok elok je, tup tup pasang dua. Kalau you ada kerja, you taklah rasa hopeless. Kalau you memang bergantung pada suami??"

Senyum lagi. Boss tak tahu saya dah ada escape plan kalau suami nak kahwin lain huhu. Tapi, cakap dalam hati je lah. Teruskan senyum. Nampak macam suri rumah nak kikis gaji suami je aku ni. LOL. Walaupun hakikatnya memang itulah kerja isteri sejak kawhin kan? kan??

Bila nak.berhenti kerja benda paling penting nak kena fikir adalah duit. Besar tak besar gaji seorang doktor, ada lah dalam RM5k. Banyak tau boleh buat dengan duit tu! Jadi kena.fikir adakah kita mampu nak hidup tanpa duit tu. Kalau dah 20 tahun kerja, kena fikir yang anda dah terbiasa duit masuk akaun setiap bulan, jadi sekarang perlu biasakan dengan duit tak masuk dah. Ada orang memilih kehidupan yang lebih sederhana, kurang shopping, kurang makan di restoran dsb. Jika boleh survive dengan gaji suami seorang, Alhamdulillah walaupun mungkin perlu lebih berhati hati dalam berbelanja.

Tapi yang paling penting adalah komitmen kewangan setiap bulan. Contoh dalam kes kami, ansuran rumah, kereta, takaful, sekolah anak, bayar bil, tanggungan makan dsb.

Step pertama

Bersihkan diri dari sebarang komitmen kewangan. Maksudnya, pastikan kita tidak terikat dengan sebarang komitmen setiap bulan. Contohnya, dalam tempoh setahun plan untuk berhenti kerja, Maryam jual lot tanah banglo di Sungai Buloh Country Resort. Selesaikan bayar kereta. Potong Astro (walaupun niat sebenar sebab tak nak ada tv dah di rumah). Berhenti menyewa rumah (di Kelantan dulu). Jadi kami tinggal loan rumah je setiap bulan. Duit makan boleh adjust ikut kemampuan :). Bila semua ni dah selesai, barulah anda selamat untuk berhenti kerja dan tidak dibebani dengan hutang piutang keliling pinggang

Step kedua.

Mulakan bisnes dengan apa yang ada di tangan. Janganlah dah nak resign, lepastu pergi pula buat loan untuk berbisnes. Kalau bisnes tak berjaya??? Menanggung hutang bank pula. Berhuhuhuhu jelah kan? Pastikan sebelum anda berhenti, anda mempunyai simpanan wang mencukupi untuk bertahan beberapa bulan sebelum bisnes mendatangkan keuntungan

Step ketiga.

Pelajari tentang bisnes sehingga anda yakin untuk berbisnes. Jangan sudah terhantuk baru terngadah. Sementara masih kerja makan gaji, hadiri seminar2 bisnes, banyakkan membaca. Bukan tunggu dah berbisnes baru nak belajar. Maryam dulu banyak belajar ketika join Shaklee. Lepastu join Azizan Osman, Najib Asaddok etc. Dan lepastu Maryam banyak berkongsi dengan downlines. Downlines dah ramai yang income 5 angka walaupun part time je. Sekarang Maryam dah tak berbisnes Shaklee dan fokus pada Mary Jardin, jadi insyaAllah Maryam akan guide agen Mary Jardin untuk berbisnes! Nak join jadi agen dan dapatkan bimbingan Maryam? Klik sini. Jangan takut untuk bermula dari bawah sebab banyak pengalaman yang korang akan dapat! Saya bermula sebagai dropshipper Shaklee je :)

Step  keempat

Pastikan bisnes dah stabil, baru berhenti kerja. Sampai income berapa? Sampai korang rasa cukuplah hehe..Ada general rule, 3 kali ganda gaji sekarang. Tapi prinsip Maryan senang je. Cuba kira berapa korang perlu (minimum) setiap bulan? Contoh korang boleh hidup dengan RM2k sebulan. RM2k x 3 = RM6k. So kalau bisnes tu dah mendatangkan hasil RM6k sebulan, katakanlah bisnes jatuh kemudian hari, korang ada peluang 3 bulan untuk naikkan balik bisnes tanpa perlu bersesak duit. Boleh faham?

Step kelima

Duduk dalam circle orang positif. Tak susah pun. Sebabnya walaupun sebulan berkubang dalam bilik tak tengok dunia luar, hakikatnya anda tetap bersosial menerusi internet. Untuk terus maju dalam bisnes, anda perlu berada pada tahap motivasi yang tinggi. Dan mansuia tidak akan sentiasa temrotivasi jika tidak bersama sama orang yang bermotivasi dan mempunyai wawasan yang sama seperti kita.

Step keenam

Tawakkal tanpa had. Percaya rezeki datangnya dari Allah :) Kita tak ada bos dah, minta segala galanya DIRECT dengan ALLAH.

Rasanya cukup dulu 6 kot :)

Semoga anda semua maju jaya!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Tips dan persiapan sebelum berhenti kerja

Hari ni terasa nak kongsi satu pengalaman. Saya kira pengalaman yang sangat berharga sebab ramai PM saya bertanyakan tentang isu ni.. terutamanya yang sedang makan gaji dan nak berhenti kerja untuk berbisnes.

Sebelum tu saya nak perkenalkan diri dulu :) Saya Maryam. Seorang doktor. Hampir 5 tahun berkhidmat. Tapi saya baru sahaja meletakkan jawatan dengan tujuan ingin fokus berbisnes.

Wajarkah berhenti kerja untuk berbisnes? Tak berisiko ke???

Saya takde background bisnes. Bukan dari keluarga bisnes. In fact saya dari keluarga suri rumah! Semua adik beradik perempuan & mak saya suri rumah.

Kiranya bisnes serius yang pertama saya buat adalah Shaklee.  Hampir 2 tahun saya berniaga Shaklee. Itupun mula sebagai suka suka. Masuk dengan free membership. Tapi dengan asbab bisnes ni, saya lebih terdedah kepada dunia bisnes. Saya mula pergi kursus kursus bisnes. Yang percuma dan berbayar. Kata mentor saya, saya bayar yuran kebodohan haha. Daripada melebur duit dalam bisnes yang tak untung, baiklah saya belajar dulu dari orang berpengalaman.

Tulang belakang bisnes saya adalah suami saya. Jujur saya kata, suami saya tak pandai berbisnes (hahaha sorry abang!) Dia pemalu. Waktu isteri minta nak berbisnes, berbulan bulan dia fikir untuk bagi keizinan. Sebabnya dia malu isteri menjual! Nampak macam dia tak bagi nafkah mencukupi kot haha. Nasib baik isteri kuat semangat, hati waja macam besi. Terus juga memujuk rayu hahaha. Tapi walaupun dia malu, without fail, abang temankan pergi kursus bisnes. Tolong jaga anak waktu saya kursus 3 hari. Tolong drive ke sana sini. Tolong pos barang & COD kat customer. Paling penting, tolong layan impian isteri, tak pernah perlekehkan walaupun sekali. Bila isteri kata, I will become a millionaire, he says yes, you will! Dia bagi semangat waktu isteri down especially waktu tengah mabuk teruk mengandung. Dia kata, bila dah mulakan sesuatu, buat sampai habis. Jangan giveup. Dan sebab itulah walupun duit bisnes semua masuk poket isteri (haha maryam ni memang jenis merompak bisnes sendiri. Duit bisnes semua jadi pocket money lol), Maryam memang guna untuk family and bukan just belanja diri sendiri.

Memang rezeki sangat, dari modal 0, sekarang income berbelas, puluh ribu. Haaa terbongkar la rahsia berapa income kitorang eh. Jauh berganda dari.gaji sekarang seorang doktor. Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah.

Ok so lepas 2 tahun, I feel ready to start my own business. Produk mesti berkualiti. Mula lah maryam research sana sini, buat everything from scratch. Again abang memang tak bantu secara spesifik dalam bisnes, but he makes thing easy for me. Support system mantap xtau nak habaq lagu mana dah. Terima kasih abang, moga Allah balas..

And then... datanglah the biggest decision.. suarakan hasrat kat abang untuk resign dari jadi doktor.. bila start nampak kehidupan masyuk sebagai suri rumah, aku pun mula naik lemak haha. Abang sebagaimana sifat abang, sejak kahwin 7 tahun lepas sampai sekarang, tak pernah kata TAK BOLEH. Semua pun boleh ;p Tapi abang pesan supaya buat plan betul2. Bermulalah episod isteri bentang kertas kerja kat big boss.

Dan akhirnya.. selepas setahun maryam resign juga.

Kenapa setahun???
Haaa ni part paling penting untuk korang tahu kalau korang plan untuk resign

Tapiiii.... kejap lagi maryam sambung. Nak breakfast sat :)

Oil secret to baby soft skin!

Harini start kerja, menghabiskan waktu yang tersisa sebelum perletakan jawatan berkuat kuasa. Pagi pagi dah kena ceramah sedaih dengan 'boss'. Mampu tersenyum manis je :)

We have different goals in life, so I can't tell what is best for others. I work towards achieving my dream, and so should everybody :)

I managed to mix the oils before work, planning for another batch of lavender soap this evening :)

The oil blend looking so lovely!

The property of a soap depends on the type and percentage of oils that we use. For example too much coconut oil causes over cleansing and drying of skin. Too much olive oil results in a soap that is too soft & mushy. Too much castor oil will produce soap that is too bubbly.

We have to find a perfect balance to produce a good soap. Basically that is what I have been doing- finding a perfect balance. I used to think that oil is simply oil however this should change the way you perceive oils.. the same way it changed my perception. 4 different oils being put together in a photo :)

Are you game for natural and organic skin care? 
Are you game for Mary Jardin??

I surely am!