Saturday, August 13, 2016

Harga minyak beribu ribu ringgit???

Yesterday before going back to Kedah, abang helped me to settle few things. Yes I am in KL with my 2 heroes as abang has to go back to his 'housemanship' life haha *evil laugh*

So we went to get Argan Oil from a regular supplier. 100% pure cold pressed oil, imported from Morocco.

A beauty junkie would know the reputation of Argan oil in skincare hehe. It is like the queen of all beauty oils. So I bought 2 Litres of this and it costed me more than RM1000! Bukan seratus tapi seribu ringgit tau! Abang stared at me in great disbelief. Emmm... Takkan minyak 2 Liter harga lebih RM1000???

Yup. The truth and nothing but the truth :) Argan is so rich in vitamins and it is a very skin loving oil. The good thing is, it doesnt feel oily at all when you apply it on the skin. The good news is, this Argan is yours and I am selling a bottle at no more than RM100! If you are keen to try and treat your skin naturally, place your order at

will share the benefits of Argan later :)

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