Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nominee of 7 skincare wonders of the world

Ahhh finally I can sit down and enjoy writing!

The technical part of business is really tiring. Nonetheless I have to spend few hours a day to smooth out tangles here and there. The product experimenting part is really interesting but unfortunately money has to come in to buy the supplies. Natural ingredients are not cheap T_T So I am thrown back to the point where I have to do something with the business and bring in money hahaha.

I woke up at 5 am today and unable to go back to bed. Reason being, I was so overwhelmed with face oil from the night before!

Do you realize (if you are a beauty junkie like me LOL) that Face oil is stealing the limelight in skin care industry... in Europe.. or at least among the high end users. We the lay people still use creams and lotions uhuu. It's a hard fact, but it's true.. They are actually throwing away lotions and creams down the drain! (I hope the drain doesn't clog!)

As always, I want Face Oil for the reputation that it holds! It kind of make me feel that my skin should glow like a Hollywood star just because I use face oil ahahaha. And if it doesn't, then something must be very wrong somewhere. My fingers are itching to touch the tiny bottles holding precious potions inside them. But guess what? The same problem again and again.. the price of Face Oils threaten to choke me out! Sometimes I just can't understand why does the price have to shoot up so high when they are just..... well..... oil.

Me being me, I started researching on how to create a very lavish oil blend at a much cheaper cost. Making your own cosmetic is very much the same as baking chocolate chip cookies. You can throw in as much chocolate chip as you want. And you can choose whether you want to put in cheap unbranded chocolate chip or expensive branded chocolate chip from Van Houten. But at the end of the day, you still get something that is much cheaper than Famous Amos with possibly a much tastier cookies! Emmm I hope you get but if you don't just forget about it.

The principles behind face oil.

Our face naturally has a layer of oil on it, called sebum. Over production of this layer causes oily skin while under production leads to dry skin. There are many reasons that affect this oil layer. For example certain cleanser can strip off this oil layer, and cause dry skin. Dry skin in turn will signal to the body to produce more oil, and the nett result would be---> oily skin! It's weird isn't it? When all these while we thought oily and dry skin are at 2 different ends of a spectrum! It's like they are 2 very different conditions, yet they are very similar.

Face Oil kind of regulates the oil layer on our face. It makes dry skin more moisturized when it act as a humectant. Humectant means it traps moisture and prevent out skin from drying. It also makes oily face become less oily because the face is moisturized! (I mentioned earlier than oily face is actually a result of dry skin). If you can't grasp the science behind it, enough to know that it regulates the natural oil layer on our face, making it to be just nice :) Not too dry and not too oily!

Another superb thing about Face Oil is.. it cleanses deep into the pores! This is purely science. Oil can go into our pores and blend with the dirt, and when we wash our face it comes out. It kinds of act like a vehicle that carries the dirt away. Again if you can't really understand, just admit it that some things are real head-scratchers ahahaha. Like how can Face Oil cures acne?

I made my own blend and it is really awesome!

If you want to have a go at it, click here