Monday, August 8, 2016

Delivering nature means bringing happiness into many homes!

Yesterday someone told me that he thought his face becomes softer, after 2 weeks of using the soap. I tried touching his skin. "Ermmmmm emmmmm..." Ahahaha. I am not sure of any improvement, I haven't seen him much these days (he is busy tagging in Surgery Department) but we will always be the first person to detect any changes, don't you think so?. There is no secret ingredient actually that makes the soap extremely skin-friendly, except that it is natural. Nature is the best healer!

Nowadays all around the world, sensitivity cases (especially skin sensitivity) are recorded at a much higher number than before. I wonder why? Perhaps because we are so intoxicated with irritant chemicals since birth, too much such that our skin scream for some fresh air to breathe! Just have a look at your baby's basket. Tell me what you don't have? All kind of lotions, creams, balms, cologne, fragrance, oil and much more!

I am a minimalist, when it comes to bath and body product. Just use what your skin need, and not more than that. Ironically, your skin will flourish and glow way better!

Speaking about nature, I managed to bring my 2 heroes to the playground this morning! Something that I haven't done in yearsssss!!!! Mary Jardin brings a different aura into my life. Something that reminds me to move at a slower pace, and enjoy nature more! Something that reminds me to live life to the fullest. Something that reminds me that the value of life is in giving to others instead of staying at the receiving end :)

I hope I can help more mothers to live the life of their dream. I hope I can bring more happiness into many homes by delivering nature at their doorstep. I hope I can help people find the solution to their skin problems. I hope everybody can enjoy life and nature as much as I do.


p/s how do you like Mary jardin Facial Soap's new packaging?

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  1. Of course a good packaging design.. so exclusive and classy.. not afraid of selling it internationally... heehee