Monday, August 1, 2016

Oil secret to baby soft skin!

Harini start kerja, menghabiskan waktu yang tersisa sebelum perletakan jawatan berkuat kuasa. Pagi pagi dah kena ceramah sedaih dengan 'boss'. Mampu tersenyum manis je :)

We have different goals in life, so I can't tell what is best for others. I work towards achieving my dream, and so should everybody :)

I managed to mix the oils before work, planning for another batch of lavender soap this evening :)

The oil blend looking so lovely!

The property of a soap depends on the type and percentage of oils that we use. For example too much coconut oil causes over cleansing and drying of skin. Too much olive oil results in a soap that is too soft & mushy. Too much castor oil will produce soap that is too bubbly.

We have to find a perfect balance to produce a good soap. Basically that is what I have been doing- finding a perfect balance. I used to think that oil is simply oil however this should change the way you perceive oils.. the same way it changed my perception. 4 different oils being put together in a photo :)

Are you game for natural and organic skin care? 
Are you game for Mary Jardin??

I surely am!

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