Friday, November 13, 2015

My kind of day...

My blogging mood was stunted by this super clingy baby who smells strongly of stale milk. He envies the tab, phone, social medias, mommy's Shaklee business, mommy's nap and meal and what not. I couldn't get anything done and decided that today will be my lazy day :p He  truly scares me to the bone when he keeps crying for feed. More and more....! Not because I dont trust my body to comply with the supply-and-demand concept of breastmilk production, but because I kind of envision his drastically increasing abdominal girth could actually result in an explosion :( 

I just can't understand as how his tiny cute tummy cam make room for the huge amount of milk consumed. 2 hourly feed of 5 Oz each is not normal for a 2 month old baby.

Oh let us just forget about that and give me permission to vent out all negativity, if there is any haha. Caring for a baby is tiring. Call me a liar if I say otherwise, but the reward is indeed priceless. Sometimes I just can't stop kissing those tiny hands, fingers and palms that try to hug me while I breastfeed (oh I do realize that i'm not that skinny to be hugged by a 2 month old baby), or the cunning eyes that eye me with such trust or the suckling mouth and small cute tongue sticking out signaling hope for milk. You tell me, I am way more important to him than any queen in the world. I am his world!!! How awesome does that sound? Forgot to mention that I am also his toilet, bed, radio, complaint department etc etc hahahah

I managed to go to the post office this morning and get some postages done today. If you are wondering whether it was tough, hell yeah it was tough haha. The only motivation that I have is imagining my customers' smile upon receiving their goods on time :)

Well, I guess I' m due for my next dose of collagen & vivix. I do need these to at least look sane and presentable T_T Nothing fancy.

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