Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year, New Motivation

I am so determined to make 2016 a year unlike any other for us. For that, I have been meticulously planning and setting targets. Few days into 2016, I'm trying to carry out the plans on time. A little at a time but according to the plan.

One of the target is to frequent the mosque during Maghrib and Isya'. The idea is to familiarize my 2 boys with the mosque. I want them to grow up in the mosque and develop a beautiful personality, just like the Sahabah of Rasulullah.

Yesterday I tried for the first time. As soon as I arrived home from work, I had a quick breast pumping session, prepared a simple dinner, instructed Faheem (like ten thousand times) to shower fast, prepared our bag (food, drinks, Iqra', story book, Hakeem's napkin etc). They have finished praying when we arrived but it's ok, it's the intention that counts. We can always improve insyaAllah :)

I breastfed Hakeem at home and throughout the drive to Masjid just to make sure he was full and not cranky. I performed Maghrib prayer and put Hakeem besides me. He turned over and looked around in such a cheerful mood while Faheem prayed with me. People just couldn't resist a baby haha, and they kept making a stop at Hakeem. After I finished praying they told me how well behaved Hakeem was, that he was so cute bla bla. I just smiled. Alhamdulillah :) While waiting for Isya', I listened to Faheem reading his Iqra' and BF Hakeem at the same time (again??!). However by Isya' he was so cranky that he refused to be put down. It was his bed time. I had to wait for the jamaah to finish praying, pass Hakeem to abang and finally performed my prayer. All in all it was a good start and I'm looking forward to do it daily insyaAllah :)

I don't want to start rambling on how everybody keeps telling me that I look young (hahahaha), but yesterday a makcik eyed me suspiciously, and actually had the nerve to confront me in an accusing manner!!! "Anok sapo ni?? Awok bawok anok sapo ni?"  referring to Hakeem
I was speechless! I looked at her wearing my most surprised look "Gapo dio?"
She repeated the question sternly.
"Anak saya lah. Dua dua ni anak saya"
She looked at me with a long stare and finally back off. Ingat aku kidnap anak orang ke??
I related the story to abang, and he said "Dia ingat ayang ni student tahfiz kot" Memang malam tu ada ramai student tahfiz kat masjid. Pass lagi jadi student eh? Haha.

Halfway writing this post, a salesman entered my room, selling a book entitled Teladan Bagi Orang Berakal- a compilation of prophet stories. The stories are based on quranic verse and hadith and I find that it would be a good read for us, especially Faheem. He apologized for speaking in Terengganu dialect, having lived there all his life. And worse, he consulted me regarding medical problem! Teruk betul jurujual tu but if not for the reason that I am actually looking for such book, I would not buy from him T_T

Oh well it is 4pm, and it is my gym time. Ooo yeaaah! Will blog about that later :)

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