Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ameer Hakeem al Waseem- Siri 3

I was really worried when the milk wasn't naturally produced shortly after I gave birth. I mean, I keep telling people that sucking comes first, only then milk production follows, but truthfully I was worried. When I was taking care of Hakeem in NICU, I sat with other mothers in the nursing room. We chatted. There was one first-time mother who told us that her milk only came on Day 3, but she continued to breastfeed her baby since birth. This 1st timer actually convinced me that all would be well! Oh well any mothers need assurance hehe.

Morning of the 3rd day, the makcik urut came. Mandi herba, minum air rebus akar kayu, tungku and he taught abang how to use the bengkung jawa sebab abang yang akan pakaikan bengkung ni sepanjang pantang. 8 metre long! After that I went to NICU again to nurse Hakeem.

Hakeem was discharged in the evening of the 3rd day. We went home that night and plan to go back to KL early morning the next day. I started feeling feverish with chills and rigor. That night was one of the worst night, I had severe breast engorgement such that abang and me stayed up that night, panaskan tungku, tuam breast, tried to pump tapi tak berjaya. Keras macam batu and I guess that was my first test. Rasa nak stop breastfeeding! All 4 of us cramped ourselves sleeping on the king bed and I was shaking throughout the night, sampai abang selimutkan dengan toto. On top of that I still had severe generalized body ache and I couldnt move on my own. Susah sangat2 nak breastfeed Hakeem, setiap kali dia nangis, mommy pun nangis. Stress sangat3.

I didnt want to surrender myself to the hospital yet. Nak balik KL dulu. Tak sampai hati tengok abang dah 3-4 hari tak cukup tidur handle everything alone. Kalau kena admit kat KL (waktu tu memang sangat yakin akan kena admit), at least ummi boleh jaga Faheem. Sampai KL, tercapai hajat atuk ninek nak tengok cucu. Tapi Hakeem started to have fever also. So the next morning, we went to Hospital Sungai Buloh and surrendered ourselves. Hakeem was admitted for another 2 days and discharged after blood test came back normal. I sent him home to be taken care by ninek and daddy. Aku pula demam temperature spiking gila2 sampai 40 degree celcius for 4 days, memang tak daya nak jaga Hakeem. Sekejap berpeluh peluh, sekejap menggigil2. Was treated for endometritis with Zinacef and Flagyl. After 4 days, investigation came back and I had Group A B-lactamase Pseudomonas Aeruginosa UTI!!! Completed 5 days of IV Zinacef and was planned for escalation of antibiotic by Infectious Disease team---> to cefepime! Menangis tak berlagu mak. Kena stay kat wad for another 10 days huuu. Waktu tu abang dah kena balik Kelantan and start kerja. Aku dah menangis emo tak nak kena tinggal. Tak tahulah apesal clingy sangat kat abang sobsss. Tak boleh terima hakikat berpisah dengan abang even for 1 day. Sebab tu bila abang or me has to attend course kat tempat jauh, mesti kena plan ambil cuti so that we can go together as a family. Huuu zaman berjauhan dengan abang has long gone.. and I dont want to go through that again.

So pendek cerita, abang arranged for me to be transferred to Hosp Kuala Krai. So kami semua baliklah Kelantan semula with Ummi. Berakhirlah episod aku berpantang kat Selangor haha. Tungku kemana, bengkung jawa kemana, berurut pun tak pernah! So kat K.Krai aku pun admitted semula utk completekan 10 days of IV Cefepime. Tapi dapat bertahan selama 5 hari je. Lepas 5 hari, memang dah tak tahan sangat duduk hospital. Minta abang ambil AOR (At Own Risk discharged). Abang discuss dengan MO O&G, and he allowed me to go home (without AOR discharge) but I have to come to the hosp for IV Antibioitc. So for the next 3 days, I went to the hospital 2x/ day for meds. And for the remaining 2 days, he allowed us to bring home the meds and abang served the IV anbtibiotic at home. Hadoiiii macam2 cerita bersalin kali ni. 

Ummi went back to Subang yesterday, so it's the 4 of us alone again.. to start a new life as a family of 4. Sebelum ni bila stress Hakeem buat perangai, senang2 boleh pass kat Ninek. Sekarang betabahlah kalau Hakeem mengamuk sepanjang malam pun huuu. At 3 weeks, I feel healthy Alhamdulillah. Memang betul2 strict ambil Postnatal Set shaklee because I know I dont have any choice but to be a supermom huuu. Cuma I wish for more me-time huuu. I kind of miss abang eventhough we are living together. Having 2 kids really occupy us. Abang kena 'gang' dgn Faheem while I entertain Hakeem. And I end up missing abang so much T_T x sabar tunggu Hakeem besar hahaha. 

So I guess that is it, do wait for my next entry--> Breastfeeding for Dummy (me) 

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