Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Working on my EDD (Estimated Delivery Date)

3 September 2015

Well this is just beyond expectation! I have never imagined that my body would be able to hold on this long. The baby is more than 3kg, the very thing that I have prayed for since the first moment I knew I was pregnant. Alhamdulillah he is very active. And guess what?? We already have a name for him! Hehehe. 

I don't write much during this pregnancy, as compared to the time I was pregnant with Faheem. I was a student, and students basically have nothing else to do haha. Well you can tell that I am quite busy but not busy in the same time. Oh how could that be?

Well, my maternity leave started 2 weeks ago, preceded by unpaid leave for 2 weeks. But being me, I took this opportunity to take on a new job- being in charge of a private clinic with the plan to enjoy 2 weeks of maternity leave at most :) I hope mommy and baby will be healthy. I had only 2 weeks of maternity leave when I gave birth to Faheem, and I guess that is not uncommon among doctors. I dont work in a construction site doing demanding labour work. I work in a clinic where I sit most of the time..and talk ngee~ so it should be fine insyaAllah.

I have too many things on my plate right now but will try my very best to blog about them all! One of my biggest motivation for me to work as a private General Practitioner is because I need the experience to open my very own General Practice (clinic). I am trying my best to transform my e-klinik (Klinik Dr Maryam Aziz) into a real one, in 2016 insyaAllah. Do pray hard for me :) Will write about this later :)

siapa nak jumpa Dr Maryam yang lemah lembut, baik hati dan comel ni bolehlah datang klinik nanti ye ahahahah

To sum up, this pregnancy is totally different from the first one! The hyperemesis part during the earlier chapter was more or less the same, or probably milder (having said that i still had to take 1 month of unpaid leave haha). But the pain? Oh my, don't compare between carrying a 2+ kg baby and an almost 4kg baby. The pain started earlier at around 33-34 weeks. I don't remember experiencing the same thing with Faheem. It started with the constant urge to pee till abang insisted that i use a urinary tube haha. And then the pain at lower abdomen when baby's head has engaged (entered the pelvis). And then the back pain and joint pain. Followed by abdominal muscle pain and sharp diaphragmatic pain when the knee or probably his foot presses on my diaphragm, In the end I just cant describe what kind of pain I experience but the very thing I know, I am in such a painful state all over. I cant sleep, I cant get up easily, I cant walk, then I cant even pray in a sitting position till the end point when I feel very helpless and cry everyday kikiki. Well I tell you it is not easy to become a mum T_T

It is not a secret that I am a fanatic of shaklee supplements haha. Dari fanatik, terus jadi penjual. I have tried few other supplements but have found none that makes me feel so energetic like ESP Shaklee. Seriously bila minum rasa sangat energetic, and abang has to agree to that. This is the biggest different between my 1st and second pregnancy! Waktu 1st time pregnant tak terbuka hati nak amal supplement2 ni, sekarang ni dah tua tua baru berkesedaran ngeh3~ but the result is superb Alhamdulillah! :)

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