Saturday, May 31, 2014

Breastfeeding becomes easier with time and experience

Kita ni kalau nak apa-apa mesti dengan ilmu. Nak dunia dengan ilmu. Nak akhirat pun dengan ilmu. 

I gave birth approximately 4 years ago. I was a student at that time. Abang was around alhamdulillah, jadi pom pom girl bersorak suruh PUSH. He went back to Jordan when Ameer Faheem was 3 weeks old.

I was a medical student at that time, 4 months away from my professional exam; in which I would graduate if I pass. Abang was in his 5th year and had another year to go before he can become a doctor. So I went back to kuantan with my mom. Ummi took care of Ameer Faheem when I attended lectures and clinical work in the hospital. 

I had 2 weeks of maternity leave and that was all. Not more than that. One of the biggest challenges I faced at that time was breastfeeding. I leaft your baby early in the morning, and saw him back at night, in between that, I was busy and not able to pump out milk despite having a good breast pump, I didn't even eat regularly. It didn't take long for milk production to stop. I took maxolone, domperidone, tell me i tried to keep the milk going. Tapi bukan rezeqi ameer faheem. People told me to drink lots of water, eat bubur kacang hijau, drink soy milk. Endless advices but still everything failed without proper knowledge.

I have never heard about Shaklee supplement as milk booster back then. I was naive and I regret it. Try asking mothers who can't breastfeed their babies, it is really depressing! They feel like a total failure at being a mother. From there I love to help mothers who really want to breastfeed their babies, because I understand what they are going through. I never promise that if you take the supplements, automatically your milk supply will increase. It is a vast area for them to learn. The concept of supply milk supply and demand, complications that may arise etc.

When my younger sister gave birth to a handsome baby boy, I urged her to breastfeed. She said there was no breast milk. Being a housewife, it would be such a waste not to exclusively breastfeed your baby. Milk production usually improves with sucking and baby's demand. If only people know that no lab or factory in the world can create formula milk that is as superb as breast milk, then they will do everything to ensure that their babies get only the best!

Nothing comes easy in life, I always remember that. So is breastfeeding!

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  1. Nice reading. Alhamdulillah sufi get her milk until now. But ibu mcm org gile. Run here n there just to makesure she get her bf coz sufi totally tolak botol susu. lepas try 8 different brand. I am give up. hehe. But our bonding is the result.

  2. Alhamdulillah my boy still fully breastfeed till now, at his 16 months.. inshaAllah another few months to go..

  3. Alhamdulillah rezeki anak-anak :) Chaiyok mommies!