Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Its not that hard to be healthy :)

I WAS a busy doctor and in the midst of my hectic life I opted for easy thing such as driving to a drive through fast food restaurant to get my meal or buy masakan panas from nearby eateries. Now that I have a little extra time as compared to previous, I am trying hard to eradicate these unhealthy habits. But I am still a working mother after all, so I do get home feeling tired and I just want to lie on the bed and switch off my brain. On top of that I have an active son who needs to be chased all the time haih. Because of all those reasons, I tried to figure out few tips on how to be healthy when you are always on the go, or probably a housewife who is extremely busy managing a team of kids hehe.

First I define what healthy living means to me.
I've short listed few  main things but mind you this is not an exhaustive list.
1. Healthy iman
2. Healthy emotion
3. Healthy meal.

When I plan for healthy meal for my family, I outline few mandatory things
1. Strictly no fast food
2. Strictly olive oil in my cooking
3. Less sugar, less salt
4. Lots and lots of fruits, veges and salads.
5. Healthy drink
6. Vitamins-

I went the extra mile and bought a tumbler which can accommodate 2L of water. I use that to keep milk and make sure that cold milk is always available in our fridge.

I make sure that my small blender is always plugged in and ready on the kitchen top for me to make healthy delicous smoothies/ shakes.

I take my vitamins regularly to boost my immune sytem and for the skin

I put a basket of fruits on the kitchen top so that I can make my fruit juice everyday 

Cooking needs a little extra effort. I think the only thing that keeps me going is when Abang always say thank you whenever I cook and Faheem always say "Mommy sedapnya" no matter how bland my cooking taste haha.

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