Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Savvy Shopper's GUIDE to Skin Care

I make a resolution to make everyday counts (and wonderful as well!). So what makes my day today??? A much-awaited appointment in the evening which I would probably blog later.

I am a very organized person (just in case you don't know haha). I have a very clean and organized house. I vacuum and mop the floor on a daily basis (or the usual case multiple times per day) I also have 2 little monsters who thinks a toy-strewn floor makes the most beautiful scenery in the world! Or a food-spilled countertop is no big deal. Or a wet bedroom floor after bath is a must have. If you think that my hair doesnt spike in all direction due to extreme brain heating, or that I don't turn green just like Shrek's wife, you are damn wrong!

I am also a self-made online businesswoman, which means I need time to do my online thingy. Have you ever wondered how did I manage to do it with an 11 month old baby boy? Ok now we are even. I wondered about it before too! But I have developed so many secret techniques. One of it is to put your baby in the sink for a 1-hour bath time. Give him some toys, let him play while you stand at the sink, updating your blog or make a Facebook post with your smartphone. Haha. At least you get something done lol.

By the way I just want to share something about commercial chemical-loaded skincare. At most, you will read the headings only (that was what I did haha). At least you know where to refer to next time you choose your cleanser or lotion in the supermarket.

infographic credit to Ann Marie Gianni Skincare

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