Thursday, July 21, 2016

I quit my job!

We are moving out to a different state today yeayyy!!! But that has got nothing to do with the blog post haha.

Well I guess half of Malaysia already know my obsession about health and living a healthy and natural life. What the world hasn't acknowledged yet (except my ever-so-faithful husband) is that my obsession has gone off to a whole new ridiculous level! I made my own natural and organic skincare line hahaha!!! I couldn't believe it but yes it's true. On top of that, I have a whole list of things to make including bath gel, laundry detergent, dishwash etc. Oh yes I sound absurd but trust me this thing is addictive!

It all started when I was selling Shaklee. I became obsessed with healthy living, everything natural and organic. I tried to dump as many chemical-containing 'cleaner' in my house (all the soaps, detergent and what not). To maintain a natural and organic life is not cheap. I spend a fortune on organic cleaners! On top of that, a big portion of our family expenses goes to 'healthy food supply'. Never before I yearn to be a caveman. Not until I chose everything natural for my family, I thought that probably it was not a bad idea after all to live in a jungle by a riverbank where I could get everything 'healthy' for free LOL.

Of course being a natural beauty junkie, flawless skin is much more important to me than everything else. I started researching (while praying hard) to find a cheap and affordable solution to this organic skincare problem. (I previously use a skincare line that is good and natural but costed me thousands of ringgit)

To my surprise, I discovered a nasty secret! Chemicals are used in our daily product basically to cut production cost. I am talking about nasty chemicals that have short or long term adverse effect on skin and health in general. I'll share about this some other time, but enough known that explains why handmade product are usually more expensive. Pure ingredients, man-made and with more luxurious result.

A long story cut short, I am going to share this wonderful daily stuff here, because after all that was how I started. I learnt from other blogs before I attended formal course!

p/s Another thing that excites me is resigning from work hehe. I hope I can be a sweet housewife who greets hubby with a smile everytime he comes home from work! However I do have this secret worry that I'll greet him with messy hair and the-night-before pajamas haha.

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