Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Curing the soap

Chemical free, no added colour, preservative or fragrance :) Very moisturizing and cures acne!

Assalamualaikum :)

Since so many people PM (private message) me asking about the soap, some even request for an urgent oversea delivery, I have to share about an important step in soap making. There are many ways to make a soap. Not that many, just 3 haha. Cold Process (CP), Hot Process (HP) or Melt & Pour (MP).

Melt & Pour is very simple. You buy a ready made soap base, melt it in a microwave, add in additives (colour, fragrance) and pour it into a mould. It will set in few hours and ready to be used. The problem with melt and pour is, the bases come ready made from the manufacturer. You can't really choose what goes into your soap. I first learned making soap using melt and pour technique. This is very simple, something that can be done in kindergarten art class but I found out that the soap base usually has very drying effect. Just like the soap that we buy in the store. Another thing is, it contains chemical that allows it to be melted again and again, so it defeats the purpose of making a homemade chemical-free soap.

hot process soap

Hot Process soap is a technique whereby you 'cook' the soap in a double boiler. I don't prefer this method because it produces a thick mixture, that can't really be moulded. We usually put it in a big container and once it has hardened, we can slice it down. It produces a very coarse and rustic looking soap which undeniably is homemade haha.

hot process soap
I choose the third method, which is cold process. In cold process, I make soap from scratch which give me the advantage of choosing every single ingredient that goes into my soap. The problem with this soap is it has a long curing period. Curing period is a period whereby we air-dry the soap for about 4 to 6 weeks to produce a soap that is not to soft and mushy.

I hope you guys understand that I have started making soap stock but I can only release them in 1 month time! Meanwhile, I'll continue sharing about this homemade skin care range and will open for dropship/ agent registration later. Follow closely pleaseeee! ;p

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