Friday, July 22, 2016

Why facial soap has to be handmade?

I have been busy researching on OEM factories to make my skin care product. Do't get me wrong, my products are natural and home made. But I have to find a factory to help me with the production, or else I have to make soap from morning to night just to cater the market demand! Hehe. But no worries, they are very much natural and safe, made using my very own homemade recipe regardless of where they are made!

So far I haven't succeeded in this department. Do you want to know why?

Have you ever noticed that after you wash your face with a commercial soap, your face will feel squeaky clean. The same feeling you have after you polish your kitchen counter top. It feels like plastic. After a while your skin feels dry and coarse upon touching. And then it starts to become oily. 

Our body naturally produces oil to counter back dry skin. The main problem comes when the oil clogs our pores and cause acne. It then becomes a vicious cycle in which most of us will try to clean away the oil and result in having an even drier skin!

Why do they have to put chemical in soap?

Factory-manufactured soap contains lots of chemical with the main intention to cut production cost. e.g Why would you use expensive shea butter in soap making when you can resort to a much cheaper chemical right? 

Another main reason is, soaps without chemical can damage their factory machine. This is because soap without chemicals can't be re-melted. The hardened soap residue will get stuck in the machine and damage it. 

What is glycerin soap?

In the normal process of soap making, there will be a by product called glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant. It moisturizes skin and trap all the moisture on our skin. Glycerin is the 'culprit' in keeping our skin moisturized and soft. In a factory-manufactured soap, there is a process where they remove all the glycerin from the soaps resulting in a very drying soap. The glycerin are then used for lotion making. This further maximize profit at the expense of your skin!

Our hand made soap is a glycerin soap, enriched with shea butter, honey, oat and lavender. 
This is definitely a skin loving bar which you should try!


  1. GoodLuck Maryam. Tak sabar nak tunggu your product.. 😊

  2. GoodLuck Maryam. Tak sabar nak tunggu your product.. 😊

  3. same here ita, x sabar juga hihi. tq for the dua :)

  4. same here ita, x sabar juga hihi. tq for the dua :)

  5. Go go Maryam! Nanti nak try your product :)

  6. Skrg 1 malaysia dh pkai sabun dr dh...!